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Our focus will not look to what others are not doing, nor on the “missed” opportunities they are continuously allowing to happen. Our focus remains steadfast on Jesus, and although we may not see it, there is a small, narrow pathway, and no one can pull us from it. Discouragements are okay, because they are the vehicle allowing us to intimately get to know our Abba’s protection and security, which is limitless and builds confidence and faith in knowing that there will always be a way, because obedience to Him takes precedence in our lives. We are learning that our victories are not dependent on others’ free-will choices, nor on the painful responses in clearly seeing the wrong choices and decisions being made, which are designed to discourage progression. Our victories are only ever dependent on our Abba, who loves us more than anyone else ever could. So, we smile, continue to step forward in our Savior’s footsteps with dignity and trust. Yes, our physical eyes would like to focus on the so called “missed opportunities,” or discouragements, but praise Jesus our spiritual eyes take precedence over our physical eyes as the Holy Spirit commands our hearts to more fully nourish our bodies and minds with our Abba’s Holy Word. As we obediently respond to Him, this then establishes, as a daily occurrence, limitless opportunities above and beyond those missed, where our minds do not even need to be involved. And as our lives begin to change, and become surrounded by encouraging invitations, opportunities, and victories we will know that we are there because God wants us to be, and that says it all!