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Problems, issues, struggles, disabilities, challenges, where? Oh, yeah, I guess in the flesh they are all around us, and even battle against these limited bodies, which are now our Lord’s Living Temples, but we no longer see them as we once did. We first see Jesus within us, and then He shows us those problems, issues, struggles, and whatever label the flesh puts on them, but only when and as we need to be aware of them, while the Holy Spirit instructs us to continue to wait on Jesus. During the waiting, a Truth is sometimes released to further safeguard our waiting, in order to nourish our minds as we obediently self-discipline it to wait, while reminding us that we wait behind our Abba’s Shield. His Words coat us with His full body armor. And the moment the problem, issue, or struggle, needs us to interact with it, is the moment the Holy Spirit feeds us the powerful words or actions needed by us to respond, which will result in a victory of the flesh way beyond our limited mindset. Problems, issues, struggles? Oh, yeah, I guess I do now see them: Those are my warrior training exercises, and more opportunities that I have to see His greatness shine through with limitless results! And the disabilities and challenges? They continuously remind me, in the flesh, that “I need Him continually, and He loves to heal me moment by moment as I rely fully on Him, because where I am weak, He is strong!” They make my intimate experience with Him more powerful, and endearing to me, because that is where I gain authority through Him, and my trust and confidence in Him is strengthened by knowing that He loves me more than anyone else ever could, and He is faithful to guide me through anything while I obediently respond to Him. Praise Jesus, we no longer go powerless, we walk only in power because we first choose to see Jesus. ‘In God will I praise His Word: in the Lord will I praise His Word. In God have I put my trust: I will not be afraid what man can do unto me. Thy vows are upon me, O God: I will render praises unto thee.’ (Psalm 56:10-12)