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Confidence is a gift experienced through a committed relationship. True confidence, deeply felt and eternally experienced, is a Divine confidence based solely on our Abba and Who He is, the Great I Am, our Heavenly Father. We can only dwell in Divine confidence when Jesus is our priority. And what mountains we are able to actually move when we choose to! Physical issues no longer have a hold on us, because we only hold onto our Savior, as our spiritual eyes only ever gaze upon Him, while the Holy Spirit safeguards our eternal existence, even while we physically dwell here on earth, and our Abba? Well, His countenance actively focusing on us because the Sacrificial Blood of the Lamb actively coats us, reminds us that our relationship to Him is limitless with limitless depths, and heals Him in ways only we, uniquely, and individually can. Yes, the Great I Am humbles Himself that much by openly allowing Himself to actually receive healing from our free-will choices, while gifting us with another depth in understanding the Riches of His Glory!