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Most struggles come directly from our individual minds: a wrong perception, a wrong interpretation, a wrong thought, a wrong decision, a wrong desire, or a wrong explanation. What does all of that point to? Limitations. How our perceptions are wrong, our interpretations are wrong, our thoughts are wrong, our decisions are wrong, our desires are wrong, and our explanations are wrong. But do not get discouraged, our Great Physician can heal us. However, miraculous healing can’t even begin to take place within our minds until we use our free-will choice to boldly accept and recognize those limitations and as a result determinedly turn to Jesus, which then shows a commitment to our Abba and a recognition that only Jesus can Shepherd us. And don’t be discouraged, because sometimes as our relationship with Him begins to deepen, the more our minds become confused and struggle with past perceptions, and interpretations based in the wisdom of men. But you must be unwilling to let even that deter you, and continue to radically turn to Him while the Holy Spirit whispers a reminder, “Confusion is not from God.” That then keeps us even more determined to only focus on Jesus, because we can clearly see that only through Him can we experience our minds being healed, and as certain things within our lives are cleansed, healed, and set to right, we begin to learn that we are deeply within the process of fully yielding, and fully sacrificing our minds to our Savior. Only willing to turn to, and believe the things that line up with our Abba’s Holy Word. What is happening is that the Holy Spirit is diligently turning down the volume on our minds and turning up the sensitivity to His Divine utterances, and movements while at the same time we intimately display a determination and commitment to our Abba, which then releases a depth of Divine confidence privately fed to us from our Savior, the Author and Finisher of our faith. Another depth of the Riches of His Glory: a Divine filter actively in place, filtering our minds as each perception, interpretation, thoughts, decisions, desires and explanations move through it, because we have used our free-will choice to self-discipline our minds, while deeply knowing our Abba loves us more than anyone else ever could. At each moment, a miraculous life is being experienced because our Lord’s reigning authority is vigilant, active, alive, and experiential within our minds, allowing us to fully live in Jesus, under His authority, and within the realm of the very Breath of our Abba’s power, not held back by the limitations of this world, nor the stumbling pebbles often rising up in our minds. Praise Jesus for our Abba’s Divine filtering love!