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There are multiple reasons for struggles, and sometimes there is no reason other than it is a consequence of our wrong or right free-will choices, or a cleansing of a problem, and sometimes it is just our minds making more of something than what it really is. Only the Holy Spirit can correctly instruct us regarding each and every struggle we find ourselves experiencing. Don’t waste time trying to figure it all out, only He correctly knows all that is involved. Instead, spend time praising Jesus and thanking Him, while the Holy Spirit sorts it all out and feeds you what you have need of. Did you know that some struggles can simply be an answer to a prayer you had spoken to Jesus about? Sometimes we must go through a process in order for the blessings to be manifested in the flesh. Do you know what another amazing reason for a struggle, and one that seems to be more continuous as our relationship with Him continuously deepens? The shifting of authority from our authority to His Divine authority. It is the Lord taking things we once held under our authority and more fully placing them under His reigning authority as He establishes Himself more deeply within our lives, intimately becoming our reigning Lord. Our deep loving Abba is very thorough. Why do you think it is so hard for us to admit struggles, or weaknesses in the flesh? Because struggles are actually that precious, that important, and can reveal so much. The major revelation being that we are not perfect and never will be so we cannot live without our Savior. Praise Jesus, may His reigning authority be manifested in all that we do while we actively experience the vital importance of becoming more aware of Jesus than anything else!