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Limitations of the flesh have a unique way of being Divinely used towards revealing our intimate pathway to True Freedom. And as we strictly follow our Shepherd, an intimate unveiling of our deepest desire happens. We discover we want Him more than even our healing, causing those same limitations to be transformed into being something we never expected. Okay, so at one time we wrongly thought that to obtain true healing then those issues would have to be completely healed and done away with, and yes it still would be a miracle to have them radically healed and changed before our physical eyes, and it will happen if the Holy Spirit intimately guides that into our lives. However, what we have intimately discovered is that with certain things a complete eradicating of the problem cannot always reveal the multiple depths of miracles that having to physically live with those limitations can, which unveils a profound spiritual growth we never thought possible. What is different now is that our spiritual eyes outweigh our physical ones, and we clearly see that these physical limitations lack power, and could never have a hold on us, because we are eternally His, and our free-will choice will always first choose Jesus. We are too aware of Him for our foothold to stumble, and we have been through too much with Him to ever turn away from Him. Each time we go through difficulties and hardships He lovingly endures it with us, and we have suffered too much together to be able to make any other decision. True Freedom? Jesus. Because as we actively live in His presence, each moment becomes a miraculous one where His Guiding Light sheds light on the powerless things of the flesh, and the powerful things of God!