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Your private, inward reaction to your current state of mind can reveal a profound depth of change that has happened within you, as a result of your deepening relationship with Jesus, that can easily be overlooked, or not endearingly appreciated as it should be. Especially during those moments where things just don’t “feel right,” or don’t “seem right.” In those times that you recognize something is “off,” your response is what matters, not so much the reason for those feelings. Each and every time you turn towards Christ, within you, nurtures and nourishes the realization of the Mystery of the Gospel, “Christ within you.” And by doing this, you are going to Jesus for your comfort, for the calmness to reign in your mind, for the overly crammed agenda, feelings, emotions, or tasks to be simplified, or for the uncertainty to be healed and stabilized, which shows a multitude of things. Some of which being, your faithfulness to Jesus, your growing commitment to your Abba, the miraculous and meticulous work the Holy Spirit is specifically orchestrating within you, as well as experiencing a powerful truth your spirit is already actively knowledgeable about, that through Jesus and by Jesus are all things rooted and grounded in our loving Creator, our Abba. All of this, and even other revelations that He brings to your mind, are intently revealing that a beautiful transformation is indeed happening within your Savior’s living temple, known as your body, because you are letting go of your dependency on this world, and inwardly establishing full dependency on your Abba. Don’t ever think something is not changing, or nothing has happened, our God is an actively responsive God, and each of our choices for Him greatly moves Him. And in each moment, whether you are mindful of it or not, miraculous changes are happening, because you have actively chosen for your provision to be provided by Him. A profound depth of power flows in the simplicity of a moment when you intimately crave more of Jesus!