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His Holy Word is no longer just the Words your eyes read as you open up the Bible and take a few moments to read it, or to read a few devotions. Instead, His Word has become something you never expected it to become while you live in the flesh. Something within you moves with each Word, and although those special private times may not have been lengthened by time because of the demands of this life, they have become more quality moments giving you a glimpse into understanding time is always limited and can’t control Divine sustenance. As you read, sometimes your mind is veered to remembering times in your life from just moments before, or years before, allowing you to understand what you are reading in a whole new way. And then as your private time ends and you begin to encounter people, situations, or circumstances, your thoughts are led to remembrances of things you have read, or privately experienced with the Lord. His Word and Biblical stories are being applied to your life, and you begin to understand them in even more new ways. What is happening? Well, He is weaving His Word in and through you. Because of your beautiful choice in choosing Him, He is becoming the very breath you breathe, and His Breath, His Holy Word divinely breathed, is being released through you as it becomes an intimate part of you. You are realizing that each moment of your life can be a private moment with Him, regardless of where you are or who you are with, because Jesus is your priority. His shepherding guidance is becoming an intimate part of you, and as it grows so does your drive to only want Jesus, which then feeds you with strength and confidence to forsake what is wrong so that you may intimately experience all that is Divinely right.