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As things battle against us, and sicknesses or ailments roll in and out of our living temples already dedicated to Jesus, while issue after issue, and struggle after struggle achingly surrounds us, we turn within and fiercely grasp a hold of our Savior and wait. And at the same time, we order our minds to not even question, nor try to figure out why we are experiencing what we are, because our hearts confidently remind us, “He will tell me what I need to know, when I need to know it, if I need to know it.” And as we radically choose to do this, we become more aware of Jesus’ healing presence slowly drawing us in even closer to Himself, while we realize that sicknesses, challenges, struggles, and issues are simply things that provide opportunities for our Lord to show us a new depth in how each moment, placed under His actively reigning authority, produces an active relationship that grows and moves by our Abba’s ultimate authority. Daily, moment by moment radical free-will choices in first choosing Jesus has allowed Him to embed a depth of strategic guidance deeply within our lives, which reveals another profound truth: the Lord intimately guides us to what we have a need to know, exactly when we need to know it, in order to allow His Light to continue to shine and heal all aspects in and around us, His Beloveds.