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True freedom is something we found out that we were not truly experiencing until Jesus became our center, until we became more aware of Him than anything else, deeply pleading for a full cleansing of every aspect of our living temple, and lives. A cleansing that is addressed and experienced every day, because no, we are not perfect, and never will be. True freedom is having Him to go to when others unknowingly and knowingly hurt us; it is having Him to go to when experts of this world tell us there is no hope, there is no way; it is having Him to embrace when our outer world becomes uncertain, when tomorrow looks bleak; it is having Him to encourage us when discouragement slams against us from all sides. True Freedom? It is having Jesus spiritually embrace us while the Holy Spirit whispers that all we need to do is do what we are doing: establishing Jesus’ full reign within our lives by intently going to Him moment by moment, while our focus remains fully fixated on Jesus. True Freedom is an active experience first felt within, but then, in God’s perfect timing it is manifested in the flesh and fully experienced through each moment at a time when we have no doubts as to Who is truly leading us. Through what is now, our open communication with our reigning Savior, the Holy Spirit begins to manifest the freedom, making our outer world surrounding us become something we never expected: a Divine protection re-enforced as our Abba’s countenance continues to focus on us while our mouths, our ears and our steps are intimately guided by His Holy Spirit while our Shepherd’s sweetness sustains us. And regardless of the battles we become engaged in, regardless of the confrontations we are guided to make, regardless of the steps we are called to make, which is out of our “comfort zone,” there is a power, dignity and confidence unable to be fully explained or comprehended, built deep within us rising up and allowing us to experience above and beyond what this world has to offer. True Freedom is being fully wrapped and surrounded by the Great I Am, which is His perfect design.