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Another beautiful result of a deeper relationship, and closer walk with Jesus is the discovery of the beauty wrapped up in obedience. Obedience contains healing, strength, protection, comfort, and unlimited victory. Our outer, physical world will contain battles, hardships, and times where it seems like only Jesus is for us. And being obedient to our reigning Savior doesn’t mean everyone will agree with what we say or do, it doesn’t mean our outer world will run any smoother, nor line up with what He is whispering to us, nor not contain adversity. Obedience is an inner, powerful choice that has a depth of meaning that reveals a wealth of wisdom and knowledge regarding those hard-to-digest experiences, or even that hard-to-digest existence we now may find ourselves living, which is the opposite of how we had once envisioned and dreamed our life being. Obedience means we will cling to truth as the Holy Spirit strengthens our resolve to do that. It means we will choose to follow the Lord and allow Him to lead us into and through battles we normally would have avoided, with honesty and truth forefront in our minds. But what becomes even more miraculously evident to us is that our free-will choice for obedience has allowed the Holy Spirit to uniquely position us so that we may be able to receive more from our Abba. We actively receive His safeguarding measures and protection for every aspect of our life, we actively receive the Holy Spirit’s strength and comfort to continue boldly walking through the troubling situations Jesus leads us to and through, we actively receive our Abba’s love in a deeper, sweeter and powerful way, which is revealed as being the only reason why we are still dwelling in complete peace regardless of what happens to us. There is a major victory already in place when we simply choose to be obedient to the Lord. Only He knows the outer world in which we live in, only He knows what is taking place, only He knows what is best for us, and only He can successfully guide us through this life and on into eternity. And regardless of whatever we face or experience, the only way for us to be standing with confidence when truth prevails in each and every situation, circumstance, and issue, is to fully embrace Jesus, thereby fully embracing obedience.