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There comes a time in our lives here on earth that we find ourselves suddenly standing in the midst of something that in the flesh looks, feels, and is way too overwhelming, and way too horrible. It is a sudden stop where we deeply realize that we don’t know what the next second will bring, which then further ignites the frustrating battle of existence causing us to wrongly think that if only we could know what will happen, we could experience hope, or somehow see hope. But that isn’t possible, so we begin to drown with uncertainty, hopelessness, and weakness. What has happened? We have come face-to-face with our very own, individual destructibility and fragility, and during the darkest hour we begin to realize that our hearts silently, but passionately plead with our Creator, “‘Preserve me, O God: for in thee do I put my trust.'” (Psalm 16:1) Within those precious moments, the Holy Spirit intimately calls to us as He sends reminders of Jesus and the Beloved Cross to our minds. And then the choice becomes yours: if you choose not to listen to Him, the hopelessness will actively rise and overpower you, misleading you and guiding your mind to be more aware of the flesh than anything else, but if you choose to listen to Him, and actively try to grasp a hold of Jesus, then a Beloved, Divine process begins. And then weeks, months and even years later as our intimate relationship with Jesus deepens to unexpected levels, and our obedience to Him becomes our greatest desire, the Holy Spirit reminds us of that time and that is when we begin to realize the depth of freedom and love encompassed within that one powerful verse, ‘Preserve me, O God: for in thee do I put my trust.’ And now, with the reading of that verse, you are actively aware of how your spirit excitedly responds within this body, which is now His living temple, solely dedicated to your Creator, your Abba. And you also now realize that actively seeing, speaking, and touching Jesus from deep within clearly shows you the truth of Hope, and the depth of Hope that is deeply instilled and eternally sealed within your life. Your true identity, found only in Jesus as a child of the Most High God, has been and continues to be faithfully maintained and preserved by the only One that can~ the Great I Am, your Abba! Praise Jesus!