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When you become more aware of Jesus than anything else, you become saturated with Him and the Holy Spirit, while your Abba intimately looks on. Then when you are around others that are not as aware of Him, or others that do not even consider Him past His name or the cross, or others that do not even consider anything of Jesus, you are unable to “soak up” the things not of God while you instantly become aware of the wrongness of what they say, or do. Accompanied by the knowledge of wrongness will often be a teaching that will continue on for minutes, hours, days, months, and even years. What has happened, what has changed? Well, a safeguarding measure of protection has been put in place, because through the process of choosing to deepen your relationship with Jesus your sensitivity to the awareness of things “not of God” was cleansed, and fine-tuned. And as your relationship moves forward and you continue to obediently follow your Shepherd, reading and learning through Abba’s Holy Word as He intimately leads you in and out of learning, spending more private time alone with Jesus, and continuing to only want truth, and recognizing that only your Shepherd can teach you how to truly live, the Holy Spirit continues to maintain the safeguarding measures used to combat anything that may try and come between you and your Shepherd. An indescribable depth of protection not normally known, or seen is now continuously experienced. Praise Jesus, actively living in Him allows us to intimately experience a new depth in the Riches of His Glory: being able to more easily accept the Divine teachings and reject the popular misleadings!