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What a miraculous, beautiful moment when you realize that you no longer need to actually see, nor know what you will be going through, experiencing, nor how it will all work out, nor the hardships you might have to endure, because all that truly matters is that your Shepherd, who personally and actively leads you, knows and is diligently guiding you as the very breath of the Great I Am teaches and comforts you through it all. They are no longer earth shattering, body draining moments that concern you, because they are simply moments that Divinely strengthen your relationship with your Savior, and uniquely draw you more intimately into the fold of your Abba while His breath alone sustains you. The change? You are personally learning and going through the process of becoming more aware of Jesus than anything else. And that will help to heal your eyes, allowing them to actively “see” that with Christ, all things are truly possible!