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There are powerful depths and layers contained within our Abba’s amazing love, and the very existence of His perfect design with Jesus as our Savior, and the very Breath of Himself, the Holy Spirit, as our Comforter, proves His love in so many undeniable ways. As we continually strive to remain more aware of Jesus than anything else, moment by moment being actively aware of Him deep within us, we experience a new dimension of the richness of His love. His love is what propels us into actively living in Jesus, and it is the nourishment needed to confidently shift from maintenance to sustenance, which is a major step towards being an active part of manifesting His glory from the spiritual world into the physical world. Maintenance is a surface fix on things, it does serve a delightful purpose, but we must be willing to move on from the maintenance process into His sustenance. And understanding the difference in maintenance and sustenance is important. Through maintenance, we heal and fix things in order to keep them running smoothly, and unchanged, but sustenance is a step deeper than that. It is a step the Holy Spirit intimately positions us for and instructs us in, as we learn another dimension about our Father, as our El Shaddai, God Almighty, whom supplies every need, and nourishes us in all the ways that we need. It is a reward for those who diligently seek Him. Sustenance heals and nurtures the transformation He has to bring us through in order for us to live more fully under His reign and within our true identities found only in Him, as children of the Most High God, while we actively and physically dwell in this battle strewn world, which opposes Him at every turn. Only by His sustenance can we victoriously endure and clearly see and hear the victory over the destruction that is seldom seen with our physical eyes, nor heard with our physical ears. Our free-will choices keep us guarded and protected through the process of maintenance so that we can follow our Shepherd into our deepening relationship with Him, into actively receiving His sustenance, and experiencing the richness of our Abba’s love, which guides us into changing the shifting of importance from a temporary existence into an eternal existence, from doing what we need to survive into receiving what we need to receive to truly live. His love changes the authority and power that seems to naturally come from where we physically dwell into coming from where we spiritually dwell, fully breathed and nourished by His ultimate authority and power!