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Loving Jesus more than yourself begins as a free-will choice in your mind, and then moment by moment, as you actively seek Him, it becomes an active experience, because you have opened yourself up, allowing the Holy Spirit to Divinely manifest it from the spiritual world into the physical world. Loving Jesus more than yourself reveals a depth of powerful truths, and those truths will strategically lead you towards a freedom you normally would not have been able to recognize, nor digest, allowing for so many different misconceptions to be healed, and set to right. The gray areas you once thought were there, are no longer present, because the Holy Spirit has shown you the way sin and the acceptance of it, or the dangerous free-will choice to identify with the sin, creates that gray area. You begin to also see the Divine simplicity of things either being for God, or against Him. And when something does not line up with Abba, nor His Holy Word, it will begin to strike a passionate chord deep within you, revealing the depth at which your love is being thickened and intensified by the Holy Spirit. Loving Jesus more than yourself allows you to see that which needs seen, and speak that which needs spoken, because our number one priority in relating with others is being nurtured and nourished. Actively choosing to be more aware of Jesus than anything else creates an intimate environment enhancing the need to love Jesus more than yourself, which then nourishes the passion to refuse to offend your Abba, our Creator, the Great I Am as a priority over offending someone else.