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Self-discipline is a physical and protective maintenance choice only we can make for ourselves. And that choice covertly opens us up to spiritually receive our Abba’s sustenance, while it allows our Shepherd to consistently remove the pebbles that get in the way of being able to actively follow Him where He leads us. Similar to all of our other free-will choices, that specific choice for self-discipline also does not go unnoticed by our Abba, as it powerfully shows Him our strong desire for a dedicated commitment to Him. But the most amazing part of it all is when we discover, through the growing richness of our relationship with Him, that the Holy Spirit is He whom has already led us, strengthened us, and secured us to be able to actually make that free-will choice for self-discipline. Fully secured, surrounded, filled and loved by our Abba, the Great I Am, whom specifically calls us, guides us, and positions us before we are even aware of it. His rich, encompassing love is what allows us to miraculously become more aware of Jesus than anything else!