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Your private experiences with Jesus serve multiple purposes within your life, most profoundly being the building of an intimate, endless relationship with Him. And those experiences not only serve as great memorials between you and Abba, encouraging and strengthening your confidence and trust in Him as you approach new experiences, problems, or situations, they also create things that were not there, but now are. What is often times overlooked, and too often not addressed, is what miraculously happens when you obediently share your experiences with others as the Lord leads you to, which makes your personal experiences more effective and powerful. And it is through this act of sharing what God has gifted you with that uniquely reveals a limitless depth of instruction for you and those you share it with. Instruction that is not easily seen, nor known, which can strategically break an arrow, heal a festering wound, drive out wrong thinking, shift the boulder blocking their way, or strengthen an earth-shattering praise. Only our amazing, loving Creator can use us to create effectively skilled weaponry, which will also aid those around us when our greatest desire is to only focus on Jesus!