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Some days can be a very painful struggle when you have only one choice to make. Yes, you know the choice, you deeply love the choice, you would never not choose Him, you intimately speak to Him without ceasing, and maintain a disciplined life where you actively know that speaking to Him is as vitally important as the next breath you take. However, your physical world is facing a new circumstance or a new existence, and you are experiencing a day where that missing presence of that one physical confirmation your mind desperately craves for, which could eradicate and heal so many little tiny issues of uncertainty, is still not manifesting in your life. And the more you think on it, the more you just want that small measure of assurance to arise, for that one successful outcome, or achievement you want for you, or for a loved one. It is something that has been years in the making, and you are no longer fully content by past assurances of knowing that this is another Divinely placed threshold on the narrow path your Shepherd has actively led you and them to. It has not been an easy journey to that threshold, but it has been a profound one, not to mention the painful learning process of knowing only God’s timing is perfect. However, something has changed, and you find yourself achingly wanting a physical confirmation of what the Lord has intimately whispered to you, to arise. But it isn’t there, leaving you with the control of only one choice, a choice already sealed within you. So your mind struggles, your body negatively responds, and each time you think on it, your feelings and emotions teeter on depression, anxiety, and hopelessness. BUT your heart knows, and it is content in only having that one choice, because Jesus has become the only One you can truly find contentment in. And although the struggle is real, you suddenly understand it is a painful process you must go through in order to maintain a healthily balanced mind.  It is a process initiated and controlled by the Holy Spirit, which also feeds and strengthens your sensitivity in being more aware of Jesus than anything else. It is a process you wouldn’t think you would need to go through because the Holy Spirit is the breath you breathe, you reside in a body that is now your Abba’s living temple, and you actively acknowledge and rest in Jesus while obedience to Him is the only move you will make. What you are experiencing is a spiritually weighty, and physically weakening reminder of who actively reigns in your life, and you are being conditioned and molded so that you will be able to stay Divinely balanced when He leads the achievement of that physical gift to finally cross its spiritual threshold and manifest itself inside you and your loved one’s physical world.