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Despite our choice and daily exercises in developing a stronger mindset to be more aware of Jesus than anything else, our earthy, limited minds will still sometimes strive to see the process that will produce desirable results. Especially for things that have been a long time, even years, in the making. It has been a fortifying journey in obedience, and after all we have been through, where each step and move has sometimes been a struggle, we hear from the Lord more clearly now and as a result, we self-discipline ourselves to not try and figure it all out. Reminding ourselves that the Lord will reveal that which needs to be revealed when it needs to be revealed. But there are times, more powerfully physical than others, when we can almost taste the victory waiting just ahead of our current step and we think, “Yes! Finally it is happening!” But then things do not happen how we expected them to, nor are the immediate results what we anticipated them to be, and our minds struggle while our hearts yank our focus back to spiritually rest on Jesus. It is a painful but amazing experience reminding us who actively reigns in these living temples of our Abba’s. But regardless of what we physically experience, we refuse to give in to the apparent hopelessness of it all, and during the struggle we obediently pull ourselves back, simplify our lives by actively praising our Lord in that specific moment, which activates the call and desire to hear from our Shepherd above the noise of our soul wrenching desire to finally eat the bread of our diligent, obedient labors. What caused the shift, or change that had not been there before the journey had begun, which has led us into becoming the Overcomer our Abba designed us to become? Well, our hearts now actively live under His Divine authority, and with all of our free-will choices in first choosing Jesus it helped to nourish that change, and what we did not hear, nor see, was the whispering command issued directly from the Holy Spirit to our hearts and our hearts readily obeying Him. The long victory seeking journey establishing us as an Overcomer, which also sets so many things in our physical lives completely free, is intimately orchestrated by the Great I Am as He allows the very breath of Himself to healthily balance us and actively show us the value and simplicity of each moment in Him. A victorious moment which builds on the foundation rooted and grounded in Jesus, and strengthens our trust and keeps us totally dependent on our Creator, the Great I Am, so we may experience the greater results in His victory. And that requires us to be healthily balanced so we may be able to actively dwell and maintain that which He desires to gift us with. As an Overcomer, we actively live in Jesus, and actively experience the Riches of His glory, and yet, there is still an even greater depth of that clearly “at hand!” Praise Jesus!