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Destruction is all around us, and as time goes by, we see it intensifying. However, despite the rising existence of destruction, our Abba rebuilds it with renewal. And it is a renewal, in abundance. How do we see it? How do we experience it? And how do we intimately know it? Well, the actual existence of this world and what it leads us to, which is an eternity with Him uniquely confirms that in a profound way. However, there is an even more powerful, intimate way we know this, because we look above the waste and destruction by inwardly gazing upon our Savior, and with each piece of destruction we physically encounter, we are reminded of the dire need for Jesus. It is by His strength that we are able to continue recognizing the hope in what our physical eyes and ears see and hear as hopeless. Our lives have become something not normally known, the Holy Spirit has established Himself as the breath we breathe, and we move forward because our Shepherd moved forward, we spoke because the Holy Spirit gave us the voice to speak in the moment thereof for the moment therein, we hear the corrections the Holy Spirit has intimately replaced from what has been heard and learned, and we think what the Holy Spirit intimately divides between truth, fact and fiction. And it is only through our growing obedience to Abba that we are able to even digest God’s strong meat of Truth. In short, Jesus needs to always be more real to you than the destruction and struggles, because spiritually and physically, only our Abba, the Great I Am, can rebuild the destruction with a renewal in abundance.