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Obedience is a word where you can almost “see” and “feel” the blocks automatically going up, but that is because the prince of this world is against all things pertaining to our Creator, the Great I Am, our Abba. And as we live in the flesh, or physical world, we will experience the struggle. But through your deepening relationship with Jesus you realize the beauty, strength, and pure Divine sustenance wrapped up in that one word. And strip down bare, the word “obedience” says in a profound way:  My Beloved Abba, I trust you and what you want for me more than anyone or anything else, and only you can provide that. What matters to you, matters to me; you created me and only you know what I need to live and flourish.

And when you focus only on Jesus, nourishing and nurturing a moment by moment relationship with Him, you are allowing the Holy Spirit to carve upon your heart and mind the Truth that only your Abba truly knows what you have need of. That simple, but profound truth will intimately be used to guide you, remind you, and instill a depth of strength you may never have experienced before. It shows you what you physically can’t see, and it whispers limitless instruction while you continue to dwell in this limited world. And what becomes a soothing oil, healing and strengthening your self-control, as He adds profound strength towards helping you to be actively obedient to Him through all things, is when you realize in a deep and meaningful way that what matters to you, matters to Him.