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Moment by moment, living in Jesus, nourishes an active awareness your mind often times doesn’t even realize. The profound nourishment involves having the pure, living Truth, “God is greater than all things,” to be deeply embedded within your heart and equally engraved within your mind. Sometimes you aren’t even aware this has happened until the Holy Spirit secretly reveals to you how your life is no longer going from issue to issue, problem to problem, or blessing to blessing, because you find that each moment in Jesus is a blessing, regardless of what you physically endure. You have become more aware of Him than anything else, and no longer classify or label what you go through. You also begin to learn and actively see how problems are most times not what you once classified as problems, but instead are specific issues that perfectly align you to actively receive from your Abba the sustenance you desperately need, the correction and discipline powerful enough to radically change your thoughts, and the realization you are never alone, and your Savior specifically reigns within your life. Problems are also tools with a unique way of intimately and secretly building you up in Jesus, strengthening your inner-being and allowing your faith to actively and profoundly expect the unexpected, see the impossibilities, and hear the pure Truth. Miraculously, what was once your physical life full of stumbling around and surviving, has now miraculously become, first and foremost, all about your Lord and Savior who actively reigns within you, and shepherds you while the Great I Am’s living temple is richly maintained by His Holy Spirit. Each moment is an intimately new moment with Jesus, and regardless of what you will physically encounter, you will speak the Word He gifts you with, you will move the way He instructs you to, you will respond when and how He guides you to, and you will expect victory regardless of what your physical eyes and ears see or hear, because you intimately know the pure, living Truth of “God is greater than all things.” You know that, you breathe that, and you relish in that, because you have experienced how He intimately shows you, in each new moment, just how much greater He is than anything you encounter!