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Each single moment is a new opportunity in Jesus. Our relationship with Jesus has deepened and we no longer wait for a specific moment in the physical world in order to profoundly “make a new start,” become someone different, or wait for healing. We do wait, but what we wait for is something that still blows our minds sometimes… We wait, on the Holy Spirit, and each single moment, with Jesus actively reigning deep within these living temples of Abba’s, contains a depth of what most would consider “in the flesh” to be miracles, something out of the ordinary and extraordinary in so many different ways. Through our deepening relationship with our Creator, we have profoundly learned to enjoy the moment. This moment can be a new moment, where His Sacrificial Blood cleanses the wrongs we have inadvertently committed, refreshes what has become stale, coats and strengthens the weakness exposed, heals our insecurities and wrongs where we have wrongly chosen, molds our beauty and allows us to be actively aware of how our Abba gazes upon us, encompassing us with His all-encompassing love. This moment can be a growing moment, where we “hear” and “see” the Divine plan the Holy Spirit intricately works to guide us through and secure us in, allowing us to intimately realize the depths at which our Abba has gone through so we are able to individually and uniquely know, without a doubt, how His Perfect Love casts out all fear and worry; allowing us to confidently say, “He loves me, despite all things I wrongly think, say, or do, so it will always work out, because He reigns, and not I.” This moment can be a healing moment, where we are able to see His Hand actively involved before we have even asked Him to be, a reminder that Jesus actively reigns within these living temples of Abba’s and often bypasses our thoughts, explaining it to us as we go through the experience. This moment can be a moment we are called to separate from the outer world, go to a quiet place and “rest” in His arms while He nurtures us and heals us from the adverse affects of living in the daily battle between flesh and spirit. This moment can be the moment His Divine seasoning is released to us, in order to rearrange and right our thoughts so we will actively embrace our new adventure in Him, the one that He has been building for years. This moment can be a harsh and disturbing physical moment exposing the limitations, evil intentions and uncertainties of the flesh, but at the same time, a beautiful spiritual reminder that “God is greater than all things!” And should we be called home in the next moment, how even more blessed we are, because we will then begin to hear, see, and learn things we can never grasp while we reside here because of the limitations of the flesh. Each new moment is this moment filled with a depth of Divine miracles waiting to be heard and seen, because we radically sacrifice them to our reigning Savior, Jesus. The miraculous depths of a single moment is always new; so always enjoy each moment… Have a wonderful New Year’s Day, in Jesus!