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We have all had them, we have all experienced them: those day-in and day-out moments taking their toll, where our battle-weary minds and physically spent bodies cry out for help. But it is different now. Things have changed from years ago, or even days or months ago, because now, immediately you aware that your heart is reminding your body and mind: “God is greater than all things!”  And as you immediately self-discipline your mind to “shut down” from wandering and pleading, you attune yourself to actively embrace being more aware of Jesus than anything else. And deep within, Jesus uniquely reveals hidden things to you: His positioning as He privately holds you in His embrace, or His passionately scarred hands holding you tightly over those specific regions of your body that are hurting, or simply, His peaceful, healing presence surrounding and securing you, or His footing refusing to allow yours to bend or fall, or His reminder that He has already sealed the victory for you. (It is those limitless, miraculous images only you and He are knowledgeable of.) And as He does this, the Holy Spirit whispers the Powerful, Healing Truths, those blessed reminders from God’s Holy Word that intimately remind you God is the Creator of all things! It is His nourishment which creates in us an in-explainable need to physically lift our hands up and manifest His joy from deep within while everything around us may appear hopeless. It is His powerful fellow-shipping with us, in establishing the Mystery of the Gospel, Christ within us, that causes us to speak in a new language, to respond in a way beyond the limits of the flesh, to see that which is not visible, or to hear that which is unheard of and to enjoy the impossibilities of the flesh. We actively go from suffering and wondering, to triumphing and knowing! It is His powerful, active, living Love, the driving force behind His protection. It is Jesus, the Way, the Truth and the Life. It is Jesus the only Way, and it is because of Jesus that the Great I Am, our Abba, can now privately and individually comfort us on this limited level while we physically dwell on earth, and show us a depth of how great He, our Creator is!