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As we intimately grow in Jesus, the Holy Spirit personally guides us to disconnect from an emotional and mental dependency on others. It happens even when we are not fully aware of it, and it is a profound process only the Great I Am can effectively handle. And as time goes by, as you continue to become more aware of Jesus’ active reign within every aspect of your life, there are moments when you realize you no longer depend on certain things for your happiness, or for peace and contentment to reign within. You are no longer confidently standing erect because of what has happened, or hasn’t happened in the flesh, and your world no longer tilts when the fierce winds of uncertainty blows, nor does your mind depend on having to know or understand things in order for you to be able to rest, trust, and expect the victory of your Lord. No, spiritually you clearly see how your mind is intimately cradled in your Savior’s Hands and surrounded by His peace. And when the fierce winds of uncertainty blows, you actively know your Shepherd’s Hands also secure your footing despite the fact your emotions and feelings may directly feel the harshness and stabbing pain of hopelessness. It is during those times the Holy Spirit reminds you, your Lord is Hope, and so while your focus clings to Jesus, those emotions and feelings are collectively healed by Him, God’s Grace, and the Holy Spirit’s utterances. And as your awareness of Jesus intensifies during each negative experience, you realize your happiness is now properly, intimately balanced by Him, and even though it may not be physically projected, you are cognizant of your Savior’s joy actively filling you. Dependency on Jesus allows us, as overcomers, to properly enjoy and appreciate others in a healthy fellowship, one where we can truly appreciate them as beloved, created beings of the Great I Am, instead of stumbling and trying to figure it all out. It allows us to enjoy this world, despite the chaos that strives to reign, and it allows us to clearly see and properly handle the wrongness that often times tries to prevail.  Dependency on Jesus allows us to uniquely enjoy and relish in the discovery of the limitless, miraculous experiences that only having a personal, private relationship with Abba can provide.