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A miraculous, resurrected life unfolds before us as our focus remains fixated on Jesus. And that gives us a whole new perspective, outlook, and motivation. It also reveals something our “fleshy” minds sometimes have trouble accepting, because they often struggle and want to “see” and “know” our next move. But nevertheless, with guidance from the Holy Spirit, our hearts remind it: what we are equipped to handle today, may not be what we are equipped to handle tomorrow, it is in His timing, not in ours. Who we are led to turn to today may not be who we are led to turn to tomorrow, it is in His direction we move, not in ours. What we are shown today may not necessarily be what our physical eyes actually see, it is through His vision we see, not through ours. What we hear today may not be what our physical ears hear, because His voice has become louder to us than even our own voice. And after going through multiple experiences with Him we realize we will no longer struggle to try and see our next move, because we know it is protectively held in our Savior’s Hands and only He is able to see the subtle traps and dangers that are lurking, intently trying to build strongholds when we try to force things to happen, or when we strive to operate by ourselves. So, we choose to follow our Shepherd through the rough terrain, while we hear and see the amazing things unfold from actively living in His resurrected life, because it is His Life, and only He knows how to live it!