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Hi guys! The picture you are seeing is my current computer bought in 2013, for the sole purpose of being able to write the Protection Series. Okay, notice the huge dents in “D” and “N,” well the only thing I can attribute that to is writing the first book and my active frustration in dealing with Raven. Especially when she refused to do what I wanted her to do! Lol, “Drake!” “Now!” And the other dents in “Y” “S” was probably when I finally celebrated, “YES”!!! You know, as I write, things happen I don’t anticipate, and in that first book, well, I could barely handle it when my characters did not do what I expected, nor wanted them to do. ;)  writing-keyboardAll I remember from that book is the Holy Spirit’s continuous whisper to me, “Keep going. Trust Jesus.” Lol, and let me tell you, that book was instrumental in building deeply within me the Truth that ONLY Jesus is the Author and Finisher of our Faith!