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What we want matters to Jesus. And the voicing of our desires, regarding anything we deal with, want, or do not want, in our inner, private thoughts to Him is so important because it has a unique way of allowing us to subject our physical mind and choices under His reign, at the same time recognize how limited in our thinking we are. You should never “feel” bad, nor “guilty.” It is a miraculous process and one where you learn more about yourself through Jesus than in any other way. It allows you to even see a change in yourself, because you are recognizing how His thoughts, His way, and His choices mean more to you than your own. It also becomes a strong confirmation of where your loyalty lies, and a profound reminder that only God is good. And in each instance, as Jesus spiritually leads you by the hand, the Holy Spirit reminds you of what you and Jesus have been through together, and how victorious His intimate healing has always been. It is a profound experience and sometimes your mind is unable to adjust to it at the time, but in a deeper fellowship and while you are standing on the side of victory, the Holy Spirit will guide your mind to think back. And that is when you can clearly see how His way brought so much more, and in so many different limitless ways, as well as touching you in ways you never thought possible. Your way would never have even been an option for victory. Praise Jesus, only He can heal our limited wants by exposing a limitless desire, instilling within us the knowledge and truth that Abba wants more for us than we could ever possibly imagine. He heals our wants and aligns them successfully with Abba’s will!