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Moment by moment we actively choose to live in Jesus, and with our Comforter now present within us, His breath is now our breath because God personally sustains us while Jesus actively reigns in our life. And that is when we begin to see the Bible, in its entirety, coming to life, as well as seeing it in so many different, loving, limitless ways. Like, how it is a manifested compilation of Truths through which all things we physically encounter are filtered through. Truth binds and connects us to our Savior’s resurrected life, and as we actively live under His reign, Truth allows us to see the wrongness, or rightness of something. For instance, when we encounter something that doesn’t seem right, we stop our minds from rambling and trying to figure it out and instead, allow our inner ears to tune-in and wait until the Holy Spirit whispers a Biblical message or reminds us of a teaching He has brought us through. And likewise, He may reinforce the rightness of what we are seeing by releasing an encouraging reminder, or by adding further instruction in Truth. We live in Jesus, so we have to live through Truth, His Truth, the established Truth of our Creator, not what is sometimes said to be true, nor wrongly seen as truth. And only the Holy Spirit can release and instruct us into God’s Truth.