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Only Jesus can release a dream, nourish it into a reality, and make it into a journey:  It is that seemingly, unattainable goal, the one thing that may have even been placed within you for as long as you can remember. It is that specific thing you picture yourself doing in this life, and although others may see the impossibilities of it, you more powerfully see the possibilities. It is a gift, a dream, the one thing which strengthens your dependency on Jesus and deepens your relationship with Him, because not many others truly believe it can happen. And miraculously, He guides you through it while the Holy Spirit secures your journey. You then find that the goal is the specific thing which provides the opportunities to learn more about “seeing” His Light in the darkness, when your mind is unable to comprehend or understand it really will happen; it provides experiences where you intimately learn the nourishing strength and feeding of Hope (strong expectation) when uncertainty and closed doors are all around you, allowing you to understand His Hand when it touches all other aspects of your life; it provides moments that intensely breaks down and simplifies your life, allowing you to understand what it means for the Holy Spirit to breathe for you and how your free-will choice for Jesus opens you up to a miraculous life. But it still pales when you deeply realize that really, all you really want… is Jesus! That is what keeps you rooted to Jesus when success happens, a very personal and intense reminder you are only successful and able to even operate because of Him.