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God is love, the root of all things. With each moment, as we actively choose to live moment by moment in Jesus, we begin to learn the true existence of love and its depth-defining meaning as the Holy Spirit diligently instructs us. God is love, He wants us nourished specifically by Him, He sustains us and shows us the victory and strength only He can give us through each encounter, good or bad, by the profound loving, Divine Network specifically set up for us. He heals our wrongs, teaches us and puts us through things that will even show us how we are changing and that our choice will change because of His healing. And with our obedience to Him, we clearly show Him we trust what He wants, and we trust Him as our Creator and our loving Father, who vulnerably opens Himself up for us, shares His Word and Wisdom and reveals to us the ending from the beginning. How can we not intimately open ourselves up, choose only Jesus, and want to be fully encompassed by Him? There is no greater love than that!