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We once fooled ourselves into thinking we knew what we wanted. We had it all planned out, and it lined up with what we were experiencing and what we had been through. The things we were going to do was going to be something to talk about, and something to see! That is how it was going to happen, and that was how it was going to be. But looking back, we smile and are humbly shown, in so many different loving ways, how our Savior intimately covered our eyes, for our benefit, during those experiences. Those dreams didn’t fall by the way side, things happened, things changed, and we were transformed. What we now clearly see is how those dreams were limited dreams, because what He has in-store for us is so much greater than anything we could ever think of. But during the frustrating and painful process, we secretly learned how our Shepherd actively and physically goes before us, and while all we do is focus on Him we are Divinely nurtured. God’s nurturing changed the dynamics of our relationship with Him and it gave us the courage to privately let go of what we wanted, and instead, taught us how to grasp a hold of what we began to see even more clearer, which was Jesus. Our obedience allowed, and continues to allow Him to reign in our lives and to miraculously train our minds as we actively live in His presence. Our Abba wants more for us than we could ever possibly imagine and He will manifest His power in our private, physical lives because we only ever follow our Shepherd, and we now want what He wants.