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A deep awareness of Jesus is accompanied by the diligent instruction of the Holy Spirit and that is why we are able to hear and see what is lacking, notice the hopelessness and fear wrongly portrayed as “normal,” and see the lifelessness strategically hidden by what is accepting and popular. And because we actively live under Jesus’ reign, we have a commitment to obediently act as He leads us to. That way the lack may be Divinely filled, hope and confidence may be spoken into all issues so fear and worry cannot interfere, and we can actively handle the lifelessness by following Jesus into transforming it into His resurrected life, and placing it completely under His reign so His Victory may shine forth. There are times we are encouraged to remain silent but that is in preparation of waiting for our Abba’s perfect time, which will effectively bust down the barriers, crumble up the boulders, and plant seeds of life in place of the destruction!