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Sometimes the outcome you dreaded or didn’t want to exist is the miracle your heart is spiritually expecting. And your response, how you handle and self-discipline your mind while His undeniable peace is current and actively present within you is the experience you desperately need. The truth of how you and Abba’s living temple have inwardly changed is a unique confidence profoundly instilled through experiences and rooted in His Grace. We are His, and He is ours, and only under Jesus’ reign are we no longer dependent on the desired outcome of the flesh, nor do we find ourselves longing for proof that He is working in our lives. We know He is. There is no question. He is actively present, that is how we breathe; why we move, how we listen and why we can speak is all because of our Savior and His active reign in our life. He loves us more than anyone else ever could. He pleads for us to be obedient to Him because that is the only way we will be victorious in all things, and be who our Creator has designed us to be, even while we live on earth, which is: a child of the Most High God clinging to Jesus as He privately molds us and establishes us as a powerful overcomer, personally nourished and sustained by God Almighty while lovingly experiencing the Riches of His Glory, and diligently, spiritually and physically balanced by the Holy Spirit.