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Anything may run through our minds, but what we act upon and accept determines if we will add blocks or eradicate them. It takes a vigilant and active determination on our part to only allow and accept the thoughts and suggestions the Holy Spirit has filtered through, while accepting Jesus’ actively cleansing presence to heal those thoughts and suggestions not aligned to our Abba’s will. Aside from yourself, He, alone, knows and hears your thoughts and only He can guide you into simplifying every aspect of your life and actively place it under Jesus’ reign. Under His reign we no longer waste our energy on things we have no need to be a part of and instead handle that which needs handled, enjoy what our Abba desperately wants to gift us with, and expect and foresee His victory where hopelessness often times tries to reign. It is His living temple successfully running under His reign and that is why He is able to heal our eyes so we may see His victory, heal our ears so we may hear His instruction, and heal our mouths so we may speak His will.