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As we live more aware of Jesus than anything else, we can clearly see how even things deeply rooted in Him may be wrongly portrayed by others when the wounds or problems are actively exposed begging to be healed and handled. But what is different now is that we also do not see ourselves as victims, but as actively obedient and forthright children of the Great I Am wanting only His will to be done. There is always a depth to situations or issues not “normally” seen, nor noticed, and while it may physically seem like we are limited in our choices and are locked-in to the wrong, limited ways of this world, we intimately know we are not. We know who our Creator is. He has miraculously changed our lives and will no longer allow us to be locked-in to limited results and forced to live in limited ways. We will still be affected by other people’s wrong free-will choices but our obedience to Him keeps us protectively secure in Him. We speak that which our Lord commands us to speak, we act as our Jesus leads us to, and we see that which the Holy Spirit instructs us to, because we continuously choose to follow the only One we can: Jesus. We no longer act as we thought we needed to act, nor how we narrowly thought “Christians” should act. Instead, we have diligently learned how each situation and problem is unique and we are only passive when He tells us to be, and we are only actively forthright when He guides us to be. It is His victory, not ours; He reigns, and not us. But sometimes, yes, the reality of our situations and the unhealthy environments we are called to live in harshly strike out and threaten to unravel our trust in Him and wrongly show us to others as living in the light of destruction instead of in the Light we presently do, which is in Him. However, it is not about what they want, nor how they interpret it that matters, it is about what He wants. It is His will, not ours. And sometimes the only assurance and confidence we have is Divinely fed to us deep within. It is a painful experience, but the Holy Spirit diligently molds us and changes us each time we experience it so that His assurance may be enough for us. We walk within our Lord’s footsteps and respond and handle things as He leads us to because only His footsteps can flourish on desolate ground.