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“No, this is what is going to happen; this is how it is to be; oh no, it will be this way, not that way; it will happen. Well, it didn’t happen because…” On and on we can come up with some great explanations, and the dangerous part? We think we need to! What a physically and emotionally painful, but eye-opening experience when we finally realize we are unable to explain, nor able to further state a reason for why it isn’t going how we thought it would or should, and why it isn’t happening how we envisioned, or why it isn’t happening in what we thought was His perfect timing, and why it isn’t progressing in how we knew it would. Debris. Horrible debris, unconsciously collected over time. The painful part? Well, we can aggravatingly see our needs opening up before us, and the desperation of this or that needing to happen. And those needs are true and real needs, but nothing is changing. Or so we wrongly think. Having and dealing with debris is a problem we will occasionally experience while we physically live in the flesh, and the cleansing of the debris is a continuous process. But sometimes He allows us to realize when He is actually doing it, and that is where the uncomfortable, mental and emotional struggling comes in. Which becomes a crucial time as our relationship with Jesus deepens even more. It is a time we are intimately shown some of our fleshy tendencies dangerously trying to pull us more in the flesh and less in the spirit. It is a time we are intimately reminded we are not perfect, only our Shepherd is. It is a time we are lovingly disciplined, fully cleansed and profoundly changed in miraculous ways because we wholeheartedly accept all our Abba has for us, including some of the not so joyful things. It is a time we realize we are beginning to wrongly rely more on ourselves and less on our Lord. It is a time we are held in-check and healthily balanced. It is a time of stretching and preparing which will allow us to be able to more successfully handle the new revelations in the Riches of His Glory, which He longs to reveal to us. The Beloved Shift, the Beloved Discipline, the Beloved Balancing:  a need and cleansing we sometimes don’t even realize we need, but He knows and He handles it.