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Have you ever had anything from your past occasionally come forward? Like a recurrent thought or even a recurrent dream from a long time ago which every so often rises up? It may even be something that no longer appears to have any significance in your life, because circumstances have changed and your life is no longer in that same stage. So not giving it much more thought then what He leads you to at the time of experiencing it, you go about living, moment by moment in Jesus and are only reminded of it when you experience it. And then that moment comes again, but this time there is a different outcome. You experience it and while automatically looking to Him for instruction, a bombardment of things happen. The recurrent thought or recurrent dream is suddenly accompanied by a compilation of all of the experiences you have ever had over the years regarding it, along with other major aspects of your life that He has brought you through, or is currently bringing you through. You see the vines, the roots, and how it all connects together and molds into one basic thought, or one simple issue. And like a puzzle piece being specifically placed, it falls into its perfect spot within your mind with the profound understanding that you have been diligently cleansed and thoroughly healed from something you never realized even existed within you. What has happened? Well, while you intimately acknowledge Jesus, you welcome and allow Him to carefully dig deeper. So layer by layer He instructs you in how to handle each issue and problem that arises, and at the same time He privately touches and heals things you have already laid at His cross; and sometimes those issues from your past and future are all connecting roots growing from one main source only He can eradicate. His methods and His care transcends time and is so intimately thorough there is only one explanation: you live under Jesus’ reign and only He knows how to Shepherd you from then, now and on into eternity.