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An active awareness of Jesus, a Divine process with miraculous results. When we are determined to be more aware of Jesus than anything else, our inner ears become acutely attuned to the Holy Spirit while our Abba keeps all that happens determinedly in His Hands and out of ours. A lot of times we find ourselves doing this by waiting, and during those times we are strengthened and nourished by His patience, and inwardly encouraged by seeing that which is not yet there. However, for those specific times when the manifestation of His victory needs to be physically handled by us, the Holy Spirit guides our moves while Jesus continues to cleanse, sift through and heal our thoughts, diligently working to align our mind with our spirit and heart. This allows us to charge forward while acutely being aware of how Abba’s Hands are holding ours. Although we may be handling things “in the flesh,” it is Him actually handling that which needs handled, but at the same time allowing us to miraculously and intimately experience His moves, His ways, His love, His will and His Glory. And before long, radical changes are inwardly taking place within these living temples’ of His: that which would once have been considered a problem-some burden for us to handle is no longer a burden, but an opportunity to build our trust in Him; that which would be considered a suffering issue for us to deal with is no longer a suffering experience, but an opportunity to deeply know His healing presence; that which would be seen as an opportunity to strengthen our self-confidence is no longer something we could ever classify as “self,” but an opportunity to more clearly see how true confidence can only effectively grow in Him. And when we inadvertently handle things before His time, or inadvertently wrongly decipher His explanations and knowledge, He profoundly and swiftly corrects that which needs corrected all the while teaching us a depth on what we need to privately learn. Praise Jesus, Abba keeps it in His Hands and out of ours.