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I felt led to inform those of you who read my protection series that I am still in the writing phase of the latest novel, “The Driving Force Behind Protection.” As I am sure you have noticed, the Lord has slowed down the writing process for me in the last few books that have been published. And there are multiple reasons for it, mostly known only to Him. However, there are a few reasons He has revealed to me. One of which is a major safeguarding technique He uses with me: where I have to intimately experience every single one of His Spiritual truths He instills within these books, which then gives me an added confidence I need when He leads me into writing them. There is also another physical reason, one I am currently and continuously aware of, which I am actually on the verge of being Divinely set free from. It is the pressurizing effect from the environmental allergies I continuously deal with while physically living where I do; my body actually pressurizes like a pressure cooker. And after having dealt with this ailment for years, an ailment that has grown in strength with each passing year, the Lord has miraculously and diligently set up a Divine Network allowing my family and I to move to a safer environment for me. We are super excited to be able to finally, physically walk across the threshold, however, although we inwardly see the physically manifested freedom we all will experience, we are also still waiting for the intimate tugging of His Hand to lead us over that threshold by leading the buyers He has picked out to purchase our current home. And that brings me to the amazing timing of His creation of this specific book, “The Driving Force Behind Protection.” He is our long-suffering Abba, and only He can eradicate whatever ails us, but sometimes we need to learn the importance of His choice. And that uniquely requires us to sometimes experience suffering. He chooses to actually unite with us through our physical suffering. A richness of His Glory rooted in who He is, Love, which is physically manifested by His choice to unite with us. We all have private things we physically and painfully endure, and it is only by His unity with us that we can experience what it is like to step through a new threshold and receive what we physically and spiritually need, resulting in an environment thriving with His absolute freedom.