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Only when you allow Jesus to reign within, can you ever truly experience what it is like to reign in this world. It is a reign not dependent on anything in this world, nor do our limitations weaken it. Instead, through our limitations a renewed existence is born, and we are able to spiritually understand and physically experience our true identities in Him. It is through His reign that He guides us in and out of every experience, equipping us for whatever we need equipped for. When we speak in authority it is because He speaks through us, when we move with confidence it is because we know He privately moves us. It is His reign, a reign that cannot be destroyed by anything of the flesh, nor weakened by other peoples’ wrong free-will choices that can adversely affect our lives. And we now painfully understand His reign is only limited when our, individual, free-will choice does not first choose Him. Jesus’ miraculous reign is intimately known, spiritually seen and physically experienced because it is He who actively reigns within this living temple of Abba’s and that is why we now joyfully reign in this world.