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Through our personal relationship with Jesus many changes happen, both spiritually and physically. Sometimes the changes appear immediate, and other times they are months to years in the making. However, despite our weak moments of wrestling with patience, as time goes by, we uniquely find ourselves placing less emphasis on how or when the change will finally come to pass, and instead, more on the One who is bringing us through the change. We recognize that only our Shepherd can keep us actively walking within Abba’s will, and only Abba can actively manifest all changes we need to be brought through, both in circumstance and in our environment. Through what is experienced as being a very uncomfortable and painful process, we have been deeply cleansed of time and measure, and because of that we are able to uniquely embrace the simple fact that Divine change is happening within our lives. We inwardly see the victory coming to pass, but more importantly, we clearly see our Victor, which allows us to actively enjoy the moment we are currently in. We no longer have to wait to enjoy the rewards of when the change will finally happen, instead we enjoy Him now. The fullness of God’s love is seen in all that He does.