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We are created beings, so intricately and delicately created we could never, honestly deny it. Our identities? They are found only in Jesus, as children of the Most High God. And as we actively recognize how each moment, and each opportunity, is an opportunity for Jesus: to get to know Him, love Him, lean on Him, praise Him, celebrate Him and humbly bow to His active reign, we actually allow ourselves to become more aware of Him than anything else in the flesh. What we have done is a miracle. We have used our free-will choice to stop being “wishy-washy” and have instead, welcomed Him in permanently by actively acknowledging and nourishing the mystery of the Gospel ‘Christ within us.’  We now know we can no longer do anything, not even properly think, without Him. Our breath, is now His breath; our blood, now flows only for Him; and our minds continuously, humbly bow to His reign, knowing only He can truly cleanse all wrongs and keep us firmly walking within God’s will, by keeping us completely whole in Him. And throughout each day, by making sure we fellowship with Jesus more than with anyone else, we allow the Holy Spirit to further safeguard us and show us how His narrow path will become the only path we truly understand. And when we physically encounter things that do not happen as we thought they should or would, we are able to hold tight to Jesus and be strengthened by Him while we miraculously and boldly ask Abba, the Creator of All things, the Great I Am: “Show me your way, my Abba.  Show me, Your Way!” while we are completely at peace and full of patience for the Holy Spirit to simply teach us on what we need to know for that next big step.