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Our praises to Abba have significantly changed and are now continuous. They are no longer limited to specific times where we have experienced positive changes, nor when we have received what we needed, nor even when we have received what we wanted, nor because we feel good and healthy, nor because we know we should. Instead, through several processes, some even emotionally draining, our Shepherd has uniquely taught us to also praise Abba through our sicknesses, through the negativity, through the uncertainties, and especially through the impossibilities. And because of His diligence in teaching us, we have learned that praising Abba isn’t dependent on anything, and never should be. Our praises no longer vary, nor are they restricted by times and places, nor are they part of a cause and effect relationship; and at the same time, neither are we. We no longer look to Abba because He did this, or He did that, or because we want this, or we want that. We look to Him because He is Who He is. Our Heavenly Father, our Creator, the Only One who truly knows what we need. Our praises are now constant, which has wrought significant changes within us. Our minds have changed, our thinking patterns have changed, we can even see how our emotions and feelings are Divinely secured and properly handled by Him. We praise Him continually through each and every moment as our breath is fueled by His Holy Spirit, who healthily balances our lives while we have commanded our blood to sing of God’s glory as it flows through our body. And our eyes remain fixated on Jesus, our Shepherd who covers us with His Sacrificial Blood while He miraculously shepherds us into a deeper relationship with the Great I Am. God, the Great Almighty, the Creator of all things is to be continually praised!