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Self-control and self-discipline are choices only we, individually, can make. And in and of themselves, those choices are miraculous because they guide us into physically manifesting His spiritual reign. Those choices not only contain the power to close the doors on the avenues of attack by the enemy, but they also uniquely lessen the effects of what we now can see as measly, strategic attempts by the enemy to overwhelm us, trip us up so we will stumble and encourage us to embrace only what we can physically understand, which wrongly nourishes a limited life. However, because we choose to not get caught up in our sufferings, but instead, choose to continuously praise God, our instincts are Divinely sharpened, our hearing is more attuned to Jesus’ utterances, and our eyes are healed from wrongly looking away from Him. We no longer see the problem, but we first see Jesus, the solution. We no longer see the hardship, but we first see Jesus, uniting with us on the threshing floor. We no longer see the hopelessness, but we instead, first see Jesus and find ourselves waiting to be taught so we may intimately experience how all things are truly possible in Him. Obediently maintaining self-control and self-discipline allows us to be able to peacefully and joyfully know we stand behind our Shepherd who has already conquered all things set before us, and who will lovingly lead us through this world and on into eternity.