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We think we are ready for certain things in the flesh to happen, we see how He has prepared us and how our obedience has allowed Him to take us to where we are able to receive that which He has whispered to us for so many long months and years. And yet, still nothing outwardly changes. Or so we wrongly think. With our diligent Abba there is always something happening, something being readied, something in line and in store for us. There is always something being built from destruction, being saved from disaster, being cleansed from contamination, being held from abandonment, and being inspired from dissuasion. We may even be standing there having been readied for many months so we can privately know how His changes, His gifts, His victory and the duration of them has never, is never, and will never be limited to, nor dependent on physical changes. He, alone, is the Great I Am and the Creator of all things. We are locked in His Freedom and He wants us well!