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Obedience, like a breath of fresh air, becomes an active desire within us and something we no longer have to even think twice about doing, because through several pit falls, trials, mountains, valleys, and uncertainties, we now know only Abba, our Creator, truly knows what we need in any given moment. And as a result of going through several curves, facing several roadblocks and stumbling over several pebbles, we have also painfully learned how obedience allows us to remain where we need to be: in Jesus’ active presence, with the Holy Spirit revealing to us the profound way Abba’s love is physically manifested through His will in each and every encounter we experience. Over time we have learned we cannot go through anything without Him, and with our awareness of Jesus intensifying, we have learned to rely less on what we physically encounter and more on what is spiritually happening because we intimately and profoundly know, ‘The grass withers, the flowers fade: but the Word of our God shall stand for ever.’ (Isaiah 40:8)   Time, and the passing of time, is becoming less of an issue for us, and we find ourselves no longer taking into account what our limits are. But instead, we wait for our limits to be broken by His limitless presence, as we actively live under Jesus’ active reign, because our Abba has allowed us to experience the active effects of a choice made in obedience to Him.