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We change sometimes without any rational thought, and to us it becomes a miraculous moment when we realize that our thoughts, our decisions, our feelings, our emotions, and even our successes no longer rely on what is reciprocated from others. In fact, we find ourselves no longer even expecting anything in return. Our decisions are no longer based on how we feel, what we feel, or what we know. Instead, we act only after first consulting with our Lord; where He in-turn moves our eyes to where they need to be as the Holy Spirit instructs us through our experiences with others. With our inner ears attuned to Him, His instruction shows us the cause and effect traps, the emotional cloudiness, the battered feelings and heartache wrongly leading some decisions, the “messes” we sometimes wrongly think we are supposed to stay clear of, the misinterpretation of a snide remark, a glaring stare, or even a troubled speech. And what we no longer crave to see is what we think we should see, what we think we want to see, or what we think we need to see. We see Him and our cravings are all satisfied despite what happens, doesn’t happen, or will never happen. Those thoughts no longer even speak loudly within our minds because with our hands raised in worship, our mind, thoughts, and emotions yell out our praises to Abba regardless of what happens, doesn’t happen, or will ever happen. What He is teaching us to use is a gift we have received from actively living in His presence, a type of flourishing fruit that is often times overlooked. And along with it, we now see how we no longer bat an eye at stirring up the calm water, humbly admitting our wrongs, or expecting what is impossible. Instead, we move as He intimately guides us to and at the same time expect nothing in return. Our branches are healthily nourished and always will be despite what our physical environment is, either dead or alive, because we now only and actively rely on Jesus, our Shepherd, our eternal King.