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I wanted to personally reach out and thank each of you for your patience this year in waiting for the release of the next Protection series book, #11.  It is still in the editing phase and it has shocked me at how slowly that is even going, however, over and over again the Holy Spirit will personally reveal to me how it is still right on time. In fact, just last week the Lord led me into a change in the novel that had I been led to change it a month or so ago, I would not have fully understood the depth of what He wanted to personally show me. Abba is very thorough in how He equips us, and in what authorities He gifts us with as we live under Jesus’ reign. And as I am sure you have intimately seen in your own private lives, what wrongly happens is we can become overly ambitious and overly zealous in ways that tend to damage our own mental, emotional, and physical well-being. However, through our own self-control and self-discipline we are able to obediently welcome Jesus to lead us either quickly, or slowly, whichever way Abba needs Him to. And what we begin to experience and see is no longer the amount of things accomplished within a specific measure of time, but instead, His limitless and immeasurable diligence in how His fruit specifically grows from each of us. It is thriving fruit that cannot be measured, nor stunted, nor wrongly spoiled while we privately witness how our emotions, thoughts and well-being remains utmost in Abba’s mind. Only He can safeguard His peace deep within these living temples of His because we move forward only after our Shepherd guides us to. I will continue to keep you updated and have a great evening! :)